Better Air invented and patented BioZone Probiotics™, pioneering  safe, environmental probiotic protection against indoor toxins, including mould, fungi, and infectious bacteria.

BioZone Probiotics is the only comprehensive, holistic solution to protect people from these hazards.

BioZone Probiotics™ restores and then preserves the natural balance of our indoor ecosystems, creating healthy environments in homes, offices, schools, and shared community spaces. Immediate benefits of installing BetterAir's BioZone Probiotics™ system include:

  • Dramatic reduction of allergens.
  • Bio-Security: an overall decrease in pathogen survival and accumulation including germs, mould, and allergens.
  • Suppression of bad odor generated by pathogenic bacteria, fungi, and mold activity. 
  • Restoration of fresh air without masking smells with artificial, harmful perfumes.

Following a decade of product development by expert biologists and engineers, including four years of international field research at large commercial sites,we have proved BioZone Probiotics protects millions of people, and we are proud to introduce our technology to consumers.

You now have the healthier choice, breathe BetterAir!


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